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  • Q.For Tech applicants who are new (less than 1 years), we confirmed that they can work for a nun-regular work for up to 3 months before final acceptance to verify additional competency. I have a masters degree. Would this be taken into account when calculating work experience?

    In the case of an MA in a related specialty, the MA degree is included as work experience.

  • Q.My phone number changed. How do I change it in the system?

    Log into the Kakao Recruitment website and go to My Application > Basic Info to edit your phone number.

  • Q.My TOEIC scores are more than 2 years old. Can I still submit it?

    Please enter the scores in the TOEIC section and indicate the test date.

  • Q.May I apply for multiple job announcements using different email addresses?

    At Kakao, one applicant can apply for only one position at a time. Simultaneous application for several positions is not allowed. You may also get disadvantages if you apply for several positions at the same time using different emails.

※ For questions not found in FAQ, please send an email to careers@kakaocorp.com.

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