Kakao Krew

Kakao Krew
refers to staff members
working at Kakao.

Kakao Style

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Kakao Krew
are happy!

Work Hours and Vacation
For refreshment, our Krew gets a one-month sabbatical leave and a vacation allowance of 2 milion KRW every three years.
There is a krew café where the krew can take a break, a nap room, a lactation room, and a krew lounge where krew members can have meetings, read books or play games.
Kakao Krew have access to resorts or vacation spots which have a partnership with Kakao, and use condominiums at a special price.

Kakao Krew are healthy!

Medical Expense Support
Kakao offers up to 30 million KRW to help krew members or their direct family to pay for medical charges in case of illness or injuries.
Health Checkup
Kakao Krew get a general medical examination once a year at a specialized facility to ensure well-being and prevent illness.
Group Accident Insurance
In addition to the four major public insurances, all Kakao Krew subscribe to a group accident insurance plan which covers various injuries, accidents and illness.

Kakao Krew are looked after!

Congratulation and Condolence Support
Kakao provides congratulation and condolence vacations and expenses, sends flowers to weddings and funerals, and also offers funeral support including funeral directors and helpers.
To promote Kakao Krew's welfare and stabilized livelihood, Kakao grants loans up to 70 million KRW.
Onsite Daycare Center
Kakao has a daycare center in each of its office building to help Kakao Krew raise their families by providing professional care for their children while they are at work: Space Dot Kids in the Jeju Office and Neul Yesol in the Pangyo office.


Kakao Headquarters
242, Cheomdan-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Pangyo Office
7F N, H-Square, 235 Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do