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Krew Stories 본문

Krew Interview

Q1 Is it fun to work
at Kakao?
It's fun to work at Kakao because I empathize with its vision of "making a better world." I also like Krews' work morale that differentiates Kakao from other companies - We ponder over and over again until we can share the results, which is a new and positive factor I've never experienced before in other companies.Anna, Business Platform Planner
I think Kakao is a company particularly fitting for the MZ generation. Young Krews, close in age, put forward exciting ideas. Moreover, Kakao listens to its employees' opinions since it values horizontal communication. Who else wouldn't enjoy working if one's opinion is well reflected in a project they join?Logan, QA Manager
An experience to design services that all citizens, including mothers and children, can use together. That is Kakao's most attractive winning attribute and competitiveness. I often invite opinions from my family and acquaintances to get as many ideas as possible while designing UIs. After all, we are all Kakao service users. Working at Kakao is like working in a fun situation where all citizens seem to work as guest Krews. That's why I love this job.Kate, UI Designer
KakaoTalk, one of the most loved apps, gets as many user reactions as it is loved. Occasionally, I get in a sweat about mistakenly causing incidents, but positive user responses make me feel rewarded as a service developer. Kakao has many talented developers. I think that I'm growing by exchanging various views with them on an equal footing, which is the biggest reason and pleasure for working at Kakao.Amy, Android Developer
Kakao is a place where various events other than work are held. The T500 event, which originated from a meeting held every Thursday at 5 PM, allows us to get informed of the company's primary policies or thoughts. At the year-end party, we can close the year with our team members and exchange feedbacks. In addition, we're given many opportunities to participate in tech seminars on various topics, which, I think, is excellent for personal growth.Nesoy, Server Developer
Q2 What are the similarities
and differences between
Kakao you imagined
before joining and
Kakao you have
experienced after joining?
Before joining the company, I heard that 'Kakao employees ride kickboards at work.' On the first day at Kakao, I remember being startled to see Krews actually riding kickboards inside. The atmosphere here is relaxed, but we never fail to deliver. I got a chance to implement my ideas submitted as an internship assignment right after onboarding, making me feel more responsible and enthusiastic about my work. Regardless of your rank, you can realize your idea if it is good enough.Clare, Service Platform Planner
There are so many great colleagues who work autonomously, think intensively, and create positive stimuli and synergy. The company has continued to develop various institutional foundations, and we have every reason to be proud of working for Kakao. The sabbatical leave system is by far the best among many distinctive features Kakao possesses!Ryan, Business Consultant
Kakao has many more horizontal and convenient systems than I expected. Instead of a polite bow, people here greet the leader with a bright smile, saying, "Hi, Michael!" Payments and meetings are all digitally available to the extent that I've never done paperwork so far. The company aims for open communication, and we can find most of the information required for our work on the intranet called Kakao agit. Kakao provides environments where Krews can focus only on their work by making them feel more comfortable.Talysa, Technical Writer
It is amazing how Krews never stop discussing intensively until the correct fit is achieved. Unique is the process of persuading their colleagues, and drawing conclusions from meetings where they exchange experimental ideas.Colin, BX Designer
Q3 What do you like most
about the Kakao culture?
I like a culture of saying whatever you want. Kakao operates 'agit,' an open workspace where all Krews can see what they wrote and what others wrote. It may not be easy to assert one's own opinion since it is a space that everyone can see, but most Krews exchange thoughts honestly and healthily. Occasionally, Krews passing by happen to leave a comment that could be the beginning of entangled threads. I think the Kakao culture has more pros than cons.Christy, Service Planner
Kakao has the "100:0" culture, which means they share everything among Krews. Krews strive to share their knowledge and experience. From little tips to technical know-how learned by countless hours, they exchange what they know with each other to learn and grow.Shaun, Data Engineer
It's not easy to come up with a new idea while working behind a desk or in a meeting room every day. So I try to utilize various places in the office and sometimes even hold meetings in the in-house cafeteria. A simple change of scene works well for me when I find myself at a momentary loss for solutions to complex problems or need to focus on some ideas. This immersive atmosphere, is one of the most significant advantages of working at Kakao.Renee, UI Designer
Q4 Impressions on
Kakao Krews
Krews, I think, are people who lead their lives autonomously and proactively to resolve problems either at work or in daily or corporate life.Audrey, Business Platform Planner
I notice everyone here spends much time boosting productivity. Just around me is a Krew who made a one-click distribution tool in Daum Cafe, and another Krew made the function to assign a person in charge when a VOC comes in. I made and shared a tool that scrapes Jira issues and automatically converted them into a weekly report format. Many Krews are trying to foster a good work culture where everyone mingles and enjoys working.Stella, Frontend Developer
Krews do not "Bite Back." They just support each other and speak up their opinion in any situation.
"Don't Know Don't Care?" That is not the case among Krews.
Not to speak of their work, Krews are interested in their colleagues' work and the matter of Kakao as a whole.Taylor, Business Consultant
When I first joined Kakao, I found it interesting that many Krews tend to ask "why" during conversations. Even in a small talk about the weather, they habitually added a rationale for "why." In actual work, Krews do not perform a task thoughtlessly. Instead, it seems natural that they ponder on why they should do the thing in that way. Krews say they never realized that they were talking like that. Presumably, figuring out the cause may have become a habit.Ayla, Hadoop Engineer
Krews are not afraid to speak out, check different opinions from various angles to make rational decisions, and like to learn new things all the time.Drake, iOS Developer
Ponder deeply, discuss extensively.
Krews think of options exhaustively to suggest their version of the best solution. However, they are open to different conclusions discussed while listening to feedback from their colleagues when their idea or suggestion is on the table.Helen, UX Designer
Q5 The most important value
when working
I believe corporate culture is essential. When corporate culture is established, personal growth and organizational vision can also be achieved. The department I'm currently working in tries to create a horizontal atmosphere where everyone can freely express their opinions and periodically conducts afterthinking sessions and job group studies to develop into a better organization. All these processes apply not only to individual growth but also to one's ongoing tasks. In the meantime, we can pursue our organizational vision, which makes work more enjoyable.Nano, Server Developer
I value a sense of accomplishment that comes with growth most, not just a sense of finishing. I feel the greatest pleasure when I overcome adversities, struggle to create something never tried before, find answers for unanswered questions, and finally present them to the world. There's nothing like being appreciated by others for what I've done. I believe it is true that the proper outcome only comes out into the world after the appropriate process.Luke, UX Designer
Our users, documentation rules, and organizational goals are the most important to me. Everything we do is to provide a better service to our users. Therefore, I first consider how our users will accept a document. I also value the rules of writing a document since user experience is compromised when a document is not provided according to consistent set of rules.To achieve the goals of my organization, I want to be faithful to my role based on these values.Danielle, Technical Writer
It is crucial to think repeatedly about 'why.' If you start working with a clear understanding of the background or reason why Krews communicated their opinions that way, you can minimize misunderstandings that may arise when judging only by the results. Moreover, I believe a clear purpose and intent of doing the work will serve as a strong motivation. So I constantly ask 'why?', and it becomes much easier to find an answer.Alice, HR Manager
Q6 Have you ever felt that
you grew one step
further at Kakao?
I guess I've grown a lot while working on branding/marketing for the MM service, the project I'm currently in charge of. The MM TF is run by a select few to accelerate its work progress, just like an in-house venture. Due to our corporate culture to respect each other's role and make rational decisions, we were able to take ownership over the project and immerse into the work. I learned a lot, starting from early branding to user-facing marketing.Dan, Marketer
Adding the "Multi-Profile" function to KakaoTalk was the biggest project that I've experienced by far. We had discussed extensively with various job groups and worked rigorously to successfully handle different types of data structures. Outwardly, it's like simply adding a few more tiers of the existing profile, but, in fact, this function came out into the world after our countless, difficult birth-pangs. A million emotions crossed my mind when I received the reviews that our users had used the Multi-Profile function well since its launch.Eric, Server Developer
A lot of information is open and available on 'Kakao Agit,' so we can study if we want to put our mind to it. Whenever not crowded with work, I read up to draw insights about business and domains of interest. Studying in-house systems, requesting the System Support Department to implement the necessary system, and eventually making the work process more efficient by transforming the organization's way of doing business were the moments that made me feel I'm really getting rewarded.Jade, Management & Planning
This question reminds me of a project that I voluntarily conducted with my colleagues for the single purpose of providing Kakao's better monitoring tool. Kakao has a well-established environment where Krews can freely develop what they want and immerse themselves in their work. Thanks to this environment I could propose and develop ideas with like-minded Krews. My department also actively supported and provided feedback on this task, which allowed us to achieve better results. It was a meaningful experience as the tool became a widely used tool throughout the company.Doz, System Engineer
I thought HR was an area where there was not much room for employees to intervene, but Kakao has completely changed my outlook on HR. Hearing Krews' opinions on the purpose and operating method of a system and reflecting them into the system served as momentum for me to gain a broader perspective as an HR Manager. I'm still inviting opinions from Krews, which will go on and on. I believe that both Kakao and I will grow further in a much better way.Mindy, HR Manager
Q7 Is there a task you think
you could try only because
you worked at Kakao?
While planning chat platforms, I feel the responsibility and weight of the word "the whole nation." My colleagues are also planning services with the thought that their parents and children may use them. We receive a wide range of feedback after launching the service, which makes me realize how influential the service is.All is possible because it is Kakao.Oz, Service Platform Planner
QR Check-In, I guess. I was fortunate to be able to participate in the service that the government needed for the whole nation. I was so attached to the project, so when the Shake function and Widget function came out, I myself went around to proudly introduce them to my friends.Kate, Privacy Policy Manager
It isn't easy to maintain a high level of security every time a new service is released. However, the Kakao Security Team makes its way forward by combining novel innovations devised by Krews and accumulated know-how. I think I could try implementing and operating a system that makes pre-emptive responses and consequence management because I work for Kakao.Minka, Security Officer
Kakao encompasses a wide range of businesses such as commerce, game, content, etc. Most of all, it leads all its businesses to success based on KakaoTalk, the nation's most powerful platform. Therefore, digital marketers need to create a new type of marketing solution in collaboration with various services. I guess it is a valuable experience that you can find only in Kakao that has made a great value beyond a simple advertising medium.Evan, Business Consultant
Q8 How does Kakao
help you pave your
career path?
I've never needed any further explanation when I say, "I work for Kakao." No one asks back, "What kind of company is it?" To that extent, Kakao is one of the best-known companies in this nation. It's the perfect opportunity and experience as a service planner.Katie, Service Planner
Kakao pursues various projects and non-disruptive services, which provides unique experiences and opportunities to collaborate with talented Krews that enables growth as a developer. We got to go through chains of meetings where we exchange various opinions while conducting a project. We can enhance our understanding of not only server but also client and planning.Jamie, Server Developer
I believe that Kakao is the only place in Korea where you can experience a large-scale traffic environment fostered by the massive service and various applications provided to countless users. Also, it gives an excellent work setting where you can experience Agile. If you can learn by carrying out relevant tasks while planning, developing, and verifying services at Kakao, I'm sure you will become a great expert in this field.Tate, QA Manager
While doing PR/communication work, I have gained the ability to look at a case from various angles and make quick decision. As Kakao grows more in size, its corporate responsibility is becoming more important and risk management more crucial.It is fullfilling as a communication officer to bring tidings as the 'mouth' of the company, rectify incorrect content, and check risks in advance.Lemo, PR Manager
Sometimes, I wonder, "What do little things I do mean to the world?" However, Kakao makes it easier for me to answer this question because I feel, in person,Kakao and I share the same vision, and the results of our work can help people. At Kakao, I expect my small efforts to lead to good results, just like the flap of a butterfly's wings. This serves as motivation for me to grow faster.Rhonda, Data Scientist
Q9 What is your goal
at Kakao?
I heard that the 'brunch' service was born from an in-house contest. I want to create a new service with like-minded colleagues based on my ideas if given the opportunity.Amanda, Service Planner
I thought about writing a book at Kakao, even before my first day, since I was deeply impressed by a book written by someone who had once worked for Kakao. To write a book, you need to have expertise in a field and understand it deeply enough to explain it to others. I want to grow into an expert in the domain I'm currently in charge of and write a book on a new technology or open source.Derek, System Engineer
I want to write many computer codes that survive the times to come. The Talk Server Part I belong to has a long list of open and novel projects in its new libraries and architectures. That means the life cycle of a code is very short. I want to make a code requiring no improvement so that it can work for a long time.Dy, Server Developer
I want to create services that solve urgent matters in people's lives. Kakao has conducted various services, and my heart flutters with the most enthusiasm whenever I rack my brain to troubleshoot a new problem. My goal is to find an answer to questions like, "Why didn't they change it this way?" and to design a convenient service for many people.Beth, UI Designer
Q10 What do you think
of Kakao?

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#Turn_Into_Alter_Ego_As_Soon_As_ClockedInOlivia, Accountant
#If_There_Is_No_Tool_Available #Make_the_Tool_YourselfSean, Data Engineer
#Rewarded_As_Much_As_the_effort_Put_into_the Job
I am rewarded as much as my input.Heather, Network Engineer
#Novel_Innovation #Beyond_ImaginationHaley, Illustrator
#Freedom_And_Responsibility #Sharing_Culture #100_To_Zero_Principle #Trust_Each_OtherVictor, IR Manager

What Krews Do

1. Client

Krews develop various clients such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and provide users with an unrivaled mobile experience based on mobile and PC through the best services in Korea such as KakaoTalk, Daum app, and KakaoTV. You can develop your abilities to provide basic UIs and experience professional growth on each domain for various service functions, including text message, music, video, etc.

2. Front End

Krews develop the front end of Kakao web services, utilizing frameworks such as VanillaJS, React, and Vue.js and various front-end technologies. You can achieve professional competence as a front-end developer while extensively experiencing from desktop to mobile, Daum and KakaoTalk.

3. Infra (Network, System)

Network Engineering: Krews design, establish and run data center networks on time to conduct distributed processing of heavy traffic and process all Kakao traffic with stability. Also, they take charge of prevention, diagnosis, and restoration of network fault and automation of management.

System Engineering: Krews are in charge of establishing, operating, troubleshooting, and analyzing server/storage systems where Kakao's large-scale services are running.
Also, they develop applications to establish server system

4. Hadoop Engineering

Krews are operating all the Hadoop platforms in Kakao while researching and developing the necessary technology to run a large-scale Hadoop platform for big data.

5. Database (RDB, Appliance, NoSQL)

Krews operate all sorts of RDBMS/NoSQL technology while managing Greenplum and MongoDB.

DBA: Krews are in charge of tuning query/server settings, troubleshooting the database, and testing new functions and performance of the database.

Data Architect: Krews design architecture for service data operation and implement the relevant process.

6. Cloud

Krews develop the entire cloud platform for Kakao and its community services. Also, Krews conduct research and development of physical/virtual machine/container service, storage service, and service data platform.

#Cloud#Platform Development#Machine/Container Development#Machine/Container Development
7. Server

Krews are responsible for reliable back-end support, from various services used by the whole nation, including KakaoTalk, Daum, to their advertising platforms creating business value and various enterprise platforms supporting all this.

8. Data Engineering

Krews build a system to collect, store, and process big data from Kakao's numerous services. The accumulated data is processed into an analysis system that helps decision-making and is used for recommendation services.

9. Data Science (Machine Learning, Statistics/Analysis)

Krews play a role in prototyping a new product and increasing the value of existing products by analyzing vast data of Kakao and drawing insights. They utilize algorithms, machine learning, statistics, GPU programming to perform multiple roles from business strategy establishment to product implementation.

10. Quality Assurance

Krews conduct QA across the whole process to provide high-quality service/platform stablity.
They set up QA processes and strategies calibrated for characteristics of service/platform and purpose and directionality of organization while analyzing user demands and collaborating with service teams to grow into a proactive service/platform QA team.

11. Security

Krews establish and operate a comprehensive management system for information protection, including managerial, technical, and physical protection measures, to prevent leakage of vital corporate information by hacking, recurrence of a security incident, and secondary damage.

12. Technical Writing

Krews prepare and actualize guide documents for development tools and Kakao's technological assets to help developers understand them. They write technical documents for internal/external developers and potential clients such as API reference documents and developer's guide while managing complicated documentation projects. Also, Krews teach how to improve writing skills for their colleagues.